Friday, September 20, 2013

Chloe Turns 7!!

My sweet 1st born turned 7 on September 6th.  

Here she is on the last day of  being 6!!  She looked so big this breaks my heart how fast the time is going.  I know the next time I blink, she will be 17!!
{headed to school}

On the actual day of her birthday, we started out with french toast sticks in the shape of a 7!!  I was also able to go to school & eat lunch with her!  Her request was, of course, McDonalds!  Not my favorite, but I know she loves it!  She gets to pick one friend to sit with us so she chose, Savannah!

{my fancy "7" in french toast sticks / Chloe showing off her treats from Granny / Savannah & Chloe at lunch / Papa showing Chloe her brand new big girl bike--no training wheels}

For her party, we decided to do a 'low key' pool party at Grandy & Jenks' house.  Well, I say low key because the only planning I had to do was to order invites and take care of food and cupcakes!  As far as low key with all the kiddos...not so much!  Wild and crazy is probably a better way to put it!  But, I think everyone had so much, relaxed fun!  The kids got good and wore out and had full bellies!  Chloe even asked to do this again next year!  She invited all her buddies that she has grown up with and a few new girlfriends from school!  It was a great mix of kids!  She got lots of great treats too...including Taylor Swift Tickets from Mommy & Daddy! 
{enjoying her birthday cupcake}

{the invite / adorable beach ball cake pops / yummy flip flop & umbrella Almond flavored cupcakes}

{a few candid shots of all the kids}

{Chloe & Addison--friends since birth / KK & Carter getting a few belly laughs / a sweet pic of our boy}

I mentioned Addison earlier...Adrienne sent me this picture of the girls when they were babies.  I think this was taken the summer before they turned 1 {so, 2007}...I thought it was such a cute photo.  I love that they are still great buddies today!  I hope they always stay connected!  Addison is 1 day older than Chloe.  They were in the hospital together :)

I posted this picture on Facebook on her birthday.  I can't believe she use to be this tiny...she is growing into such a beautiful young lady.  I am so incredibly proud of her every single day!  God blessed us! 
{left: 8 months old / right: first day of 2nd grade 6 1/2 years old}

Finally, we are all due for new bedding in the Jenkins Household...I was really looking for Carter big boy bedding and for us as well...but I came across this precious bedding at TJ Maxx on clearance.  I just couldn't pass it up!  I think Chloe really likes it!  It's more "big girl!!"  

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