Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summertime Fun!

We had our first swim get together this past weekend! Addison, Chloe & Jack had a great time! We tried to get sweet Jack in the picture with the girls, but he wasn't interested this time around! We'll get him next time! Here are a few of the girls being silly & sweet!
Sweet Friends
Being Silly

Extra cool with their shades on!
Blake has been working really hard on our yard. Last week he laid a big truck load of dirt and 3 large pallets of sod! It was tough work! Thanks Daddy! :) He then seeded and put hay on the other spots that were bare. He has been pretty tired. Here he is in action...he would kill me if he knew about this picture!
While Blake was out in the yard, Chloe cooled off in her little pool! She loves it!

This week is recital week! With that being said, we needed to figure out how to curl Chloe's hair for her side ponytail! So, Monday night we decided to use sponge rollers! I was immediately taken back to my childhood. I wore these all the time! She fought me at first, but then gave in (after I bribed her with pudding!)!! She did great with them...and slept through the night!

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