Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photo Challenge: 17th-30th

Well, its May 1st so you know what that means?!?  
Will you join me?  

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Let's first wrap up April:

4.17 something you don't like
Well, I was at work when I was going to upload this pic...Don't get me wrong, I LOVE where I work (of course) and the girls I work with, but I would rather be playing with the kids at home! :)

4.18 hair
Carter getting clean & Chloe getting her hair rolled for the QU Wedding.

4.19 orange
Yummy orange sweet potatoes for the kids dinner this night!

4.20 something you drew
Something Chloe drew...she brings home these kind of drawings daily from school.

4.21 bottle
I love my new dish soap bottle in my kitchen.  Thanks Kirklands.

4.22 the last thing you bought
A sweet dress for Chloe and an adorable button down for Carter.  Thanks Target.

4.23 vegetable
According to Amanda, french fries are the #1 consumed vegetable in America.  Sad fact.

4.24 something you are grateful for
I'm grateful for my 2 sweeties.  Picture taken on Easter. Love Chloe's face.

4.25 looking down
One of my favorite views in my house {from the balcony on the second floor}.

4.26 black + white
Daddy fell asleep after reading Chloe a bed time story.

4.27 somewhere you went
Picture taken in July 2009 when we went to Rose Hall Beach, Jamaica with some friends. Best trip ever.

4.28 1pm
Last Saturday, I attended a brunch to help The Sigma Kappa Chapter of Chi Omega celebrate 40 years at Austin Peay State University.  I'm so proud to say that I'm part of such an elite group of women. Over 800 women have went alum {I pledges Fall 2001 / went alum Spring 2005}, and we had close to 200 in the room that day!  Amazing!  More to come in another blog post! 

4.29 circle
Breakfast of champions. This is usually what we all eat on Saturday mornings.

4.30 something that makes you sad
Yesterday, Chloe had to get a cleaning and a filling done with Dr. Beauchamp.
She did great the entire time.  The tears really came when she found out I had to take her to school.
I felt like Mom of the Year taking this picture, but it was too perfect of a moment not to snap the photo {very appropriate for the photo of the day, don't you think?}
She went to school and Grandy thankfully picked her up early!  Thanks Grandy!  So all was well!

Hope you join during the month of May!
Snapping a photo-a-day...pretty easy!

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