Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, Blake had to work late so I decided to wear the kids out by letting them run crazy outside.
Chloe has been asking for weeks to play in the sprinkler or go swimming...well, we don't have a pool so sprinkler it was! 
She had such a fun time running through it.
Carter wanted nothing to do with it...not sure why?  Normally, he LOVES the water!
He was much more interested in hanging out in the F150 instead.
He likes to play with the radio as his is not quite big enough to reach the pedals / gear shift thing.

{I though this was quite funny...all her idea!}

{he looks cool, right?}

Saturday, we decided to head to H&S Strawberry Patch for their annual Strawberry Jam!
Good times!
It was extremely HOT but well worth the sweat!
The kids had a blast.

{Carter loved the train ride! Can you tell?}

{Snow cone to help with the crazy heat}

{Ran into a friend picking strawberries too; so thankful she snapped this sweet picture of Chloe & I}

Sunday, we went to early Church, took naps, and then went to our friends house to swim for a bit!
Thanks Kristen and Jeff for the hospitality!
Chloe had a fabulous time swimming with their daughter, Emma.
Carter wanted nothing to do with the water.
So to keep him busy, I fed him naturally! 
That boy LOVES to eat!

One last picture of the sweet boy.
He was much happier during this trip to the car wash!
All smiles!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend too!

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