Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Friday!
Today, I'm linking up with Lauren over at the little things we do for 
"Fill in the Blank Friday"

1.  My bedtime routine includes: getting the kids stuff ready for the next day, putting my 2 sweet kiddos down to sleep {Carter @ 7pm and Chloe @ 830}, cleaning the kitchen {unfortunately, something I have to do every night}, washing my face, turning off all the lights around the house, getting in bed & catching up with my DVR, checking Instagram & Facebook one last time, falling asleep during a random movie I turn on after my shows!

2.   I am   in limbo right now.  Needing to get my mood right. Hopefully once the end of school wraps up and we get passed Chloe's crazy recital weekend, I will be back to normal!!!  Come on June!

3.  I can't stand    tomatoes     because    of their texture...but, you know what is funny?  I LOVE ketchup!!!  It's one of my very favorite condiments!

4. My idea of relaxation would be    a nice night home sans kids watching a movie with Blake...this never happens sadly.  Whenever we get a sitter, we ALWAYS have something to do with others.  I need to learn to prioritize my time!

5. If I had an extra $50, I would     probably head to TJ Maxx to buy something unnecessary for me or the kids {this happens way to much, but it's only live once, right?}

6. The best thing about a bloggy friend is     well, I haven't connected with too many people in the blogging world that I don't actually know in person...but I do follow quite a few bloggy friends through their blog and on's nice to see other people living life just like me...especially Moms.  Seeing the pictures of their crazy kids makes me and my life feel / seem normal!

7.  A recipe I've been dying to try is   awww man...nothing on the radar right now!  I always let Amanda be my guinea pig!  She tries stuff and if she likes it, I copy! :)

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Wednesday is my crazy day.
I run like a mad women once I leave work at 4pm.
Chloe has dance starting at 5pm. So that means, I grab her from after-care, grab Carter from daycare, run home to change her, and then speed to dance.  Man, that's a busy hour for sure!
Well, while Chloe is in dance, I have to keep Carter occupied.
Food is the way to his heart {typical man}.
This past Wednesday, I should have received the Mom-of-the-Year Award.
He walked around dance eating Cheetos Puffs...he polished off the whole bag {it was only 1/2 way full..give me some credit} and then proceeded to find a trash can and throw the bag away {such a good boy}!

Here he is...

After dance this past Wednesday, I headed to Bunco.
Derby Bunco to be exact! 
It was so much fun!  The decor was amazing and the food even better!
Thanks to Haven for times indeed!
{P.S. we don't usually play the actual game of Bunco...this day we did and it was SO FUN}

{the amazing dessert}

{about to get started...check out the adorable jockey table cloths}

{the 4 winners...Haven even got them race ribbons.  Cute, huh?}

{the best Bunco group...minus a few!  I have been part of this Bunco group since 2005...we have never missed a monthly meeting}

I snapped this picture Thursday morning.
Chloe is turning into such a beautiful little lady.
She reads on the way to school every morning.
She is getting so good & I couldn't be more proud of all her hard work!

I noticed that Chloe left Blake & I a little message on the garage floor the other day.
"Love Chloe" in side walk chalk.
Glad its inside so the rain can't wash the sweet message away!

Happy Friday!

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