Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day

What a great day.
This past weekend was probably one of the best us 4 have had in a long time.
Life gets in the way sometimes and we really made it a point to enjoy ourselves and each other--
for that, I'm eternally grateful!

We got up and went to Early Service.
We ate a yummy brunch at Don & Sandys.
The kids swam a bit & the parents napped {thanks Don & Sandy}.
A great day indeed.

Happy Father's Day to our very favorite Daddy!
I know we are still learning as we go, but there is no one I would rather stumble through this thing called parenthood with!
I love you!  
I hope this was the best Father's Day yet!

{getting his treat from Chloe:
"You are the world's best DAD, hands down!"}

{Brittnye dropped off some yummy Banana Pudding for Blake...we definitely enjoyed it}

{this little boy is Daddy's twin}

{Happy Father's Day Jenks}

{Happy Father's Day to my Dad as well...one of the best men that I know!
I love you Dad!
...this was the best picture I could get, sadly}

Thanks for being the best Daddy!
Love Chloe & Carter {and Mommy too}

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