Thursday, July 12, 2012

A very overdue update...

Well, to put it lightly, life has been in the way of my blogging lately...
so here is a "photo" dump of our lives over the last few weeks.
The pictures are scarce & kind of random, but this is the best I can do :)

Swim Time at Cindys
On Tuesdays, Carter gets to go outside with his buddies for a little water fun.
I'm thankful Cindy sends me a quick snap shot each time...he's so chunky and cute!

On the swim note, Chloe has come so far with her swimming skills.
She can now swim in the 4 ft by herself sans floaties, do handstands, and do flips!
She is quite proud of herself...and so are we!

The 4th of July was low key...
sadly, this was the only picture I snapped of the kids in their sweet matching outfits.

The other day we had swim time at Grandy & Jenks' house.
All three cousins swam around and had a big time. 
Here are a few pics... 
Chloe introducing Chandler to her purse full of out!

This past Saturday, I ventured with the kids to Opry Mills to do a bit of shopping.
We made it through 1 store successfully and then ate a yummy lunch at Chuys. 
Have you been there?  It's so good!

Family Walk
...was so nice to do together.

This kid loves cupcakes...
can you tell?
What a stud!

This is a mini Blake...oh my! 
and this face too...geez!

The sweet girl before school one morning

She's back in love with her American Girl Doll, Zoe!

Daddy watching the kids so I can have a fun night off at Bunco!
Thanks Blake!
This was the picture he sent me!  I love it!

Love this....

Well, that is our life lately in photos! 
Man, it's been a crazy few weeks, but I'm looking forward to finishing off the summer with fun family activities and relaxation! 

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  1. your posting has been about as MIA as mine! i was thinking about you the other day and meant to call and check on you but i got distracted. :/ sorry! i hope you are well.
    love, laura