Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday's Thought...7 years later

This past Monday, Blake & I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  At exactly 6:30pm 7 years ago, we were walking down the aisle.  It's crazy to think back to all that has happened over the last 7 years--we have had 2 beautiful, lively children; we have purchased 2 homes; we have bought 3 cars; we have changed and rearranged jobs at Jenkins & Wynne {well, Blake has anyway}; we have survived crises; we have laughed; we have cried; we have traveled all over the world with our family & friends; to sum it up...we have been truly blessed and are so lucky to live the life we do with the people we call our family & friends. 

Blake, what a wild ride it has been.  Though things have not always been perfect {who lives a perfect life anyway?}, I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else.  Thank you for being so intentional with me & the kids lately.  I greatly appreciate all you are doing to pour yourself into our family.  I look forward to many, many more years of happiness & fun...bumps & all!  I love you!

Because Blake can be quite the romantic, he planned 2 amazing dates for us this past weekend.

First up, Saturday Night {7/21}...
We headed to Nashville around 2:30.
I wanted to stop by Green Hills to get some new makeup...
an hour later, I left with a mini fortune spent at MAC and Blake got himself a new sport coat.  
I guess it was win-win!
We then headed to an early dinner at Flemings.
To put it mildly, IT.WAS.DELICIOUS!
We ate for 3 hours...almost everything on the menu!
Afterwards, we headed home to have a drink at Edwards Steakhouse Downtown...
and then to was a long and filling day!

Our Date in Pictures:

This was "Oscar" style...lump crab meat on top of our filet...Heaven on Earth!

My handsome date!!

{ending the night at Edwards}

Our Second Date was on our actual Anniversary...
Monday {7/23}
I was instructed to leave work at 2:30 because we had to be somewhere by 3:00.
To my surprise, I found Blake at home with 2 bottles of wine.
He then told me we were headed to Eden Day Spa for a 90 minute massage & a candlelight dinner!
No complaints from this lady!
The massage didn't disappoint & neither did the dinner.

I must say, Blake did pretty good!

{the best picture we got...oh well}

He also surprised me with 2 treats...
A Kindle Fire
{he gave this to me in the shipping box with a pink bow tied on it...
plus my name & a heart in sharpie...THAT.IS.LOVE!!}

He also gave me a Silver Helen Ficalora necklace with the kids initials...2 "C"s and a "J".
It's perfect!
{sorry for the weird self portrait}

It was a wonderful weekend full of great adult time and family time!
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