Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Well, it's time to link back up with's been a minute or two.
Here's what I'm Lovin' today...

I'm Lovin' that my sweet girl finally got her ears pierced.
She decided on her own so it makes it so much more special!
She chose pink studs {the October birthstone} because "my friends have these ones too."
She shed a few screaming {thankfully}...and was quickly over it once she got a peek at them in the mirror!
Thanks Clarie's for making this experience quick and easy!

{right before...she has no idea what is about to happen}

I'm Lovin' that 2 of my dear friends are having or have just had sweet babies.
Because of that, we threw them a surprise "Sprinkle" at our annual Pool Bunco!
I'm so thankful to celebrate these two friends!  Congrats girls!

{Mary & Natalie}

{Cupcakes from GiGi's...Yummy}

On that same note, I'm Lovin' my Bunco girls!
We have been meeting religiously on the first Wednesday of each month since the Fall of 2005!
Most of us our original members!
I look forward to Bunco each month because it is intentional time with these friends that I don't get to see all that, kids, work sometimes gets in the way!
This past week, we had our Annual Pool Day Bunco!  
Each July we get together, eat, and plan out our next year!  Fun times!

I'm Lovin' how big my sweet girl has become.
She has matured so much over the summer.
Her new obsession is her babies...taking them with us everywhere we go {stroller in tow too}!

I'm Lovin' family time.
This past Sunday, we celebrated Jenks' birthday!
He told us he is 39 years young! {Mmmmhhhhh}
We got Jenks a fun floating cooler & a massage!
Happy Birthday Jenks!

 I'm Lovin' the Aquarium Restaurant.
We headed to Opry Mills on Sunday after Church.
Chloe has been dying to go back to this place ever since Grandy & Jenks took the kids a few weeks before! 
She was thrilled to pose with the shark...sweet girl!

What are you Lovin' today?

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