Monday, April 27, 2009

What a weekend

I am tired. That is all I have to say. We ran and ran and ran non-stop this weekend. Saturday was jam packed with fun activities for all of us. We started the day at Gymnastics...Chloe was excited that her Daddy joined in for the fun! She enjoyed the class as always! Straight from Gymnastics, we headed to Alec's Doggy Birthday Bash. He turned 1 year old! It was a fun party--everything was Doggy themed. The food was served in Dog creative and fun! We ate hot dogs and yummy cupcake! After the party, Chloe headed to Papa's house to go to the Zoo! Blake and I also headed to Nashville to the Dave Matthews Concert. The concert was AMAZING! We went with great friends. Not only did we get to see Dave, but Jason Mraz was the opening act! Love him! :) After the concert we went to Chili's...would you believe that at 11pm, there was a 20 minute wait!? I was blow away. Needless to say, my hungry stomach was not happy!!! Sunday was very low key (thankfully). Blake put together Chloe's water / sand toy that Grandy and Jenks got her. She had fun for hours!! We also took a great nap....much needed. I was happy to lay my head down on the pillow after the insane weekend...very tired! I am telling you, I love doing, but it gets tiring :)
Here are a few other pictures of my "Bug"....
Chloe and Addison swinging!
Addison and Jack being sweet :)
She loved this swing!!
The Birthday Boy!!
Me, Ashley, and Haven before Dave...this is the corner of our hotel room at the DoubleTree. It was a pretty neat room!!
Blake and I :)
Chloe enjoying Sunday's 80+ degree weather! (isn't this thing cute--picnic table and little pool / sand box. She loves it!
Random Pictures:
Being Silly.
Daddy helped Chloe write her name. Pretty good, huh? He said he didn't really help her...and I believe him :)
Chloe loving on her baby dolls!

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  1. the pictures of Chloe by and her pool, She looks just like her mother:) She is all diva with the sunglasses, and the face like: could someone get the Paparazzi to leave me alone.