Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Love Letters Vol 2

Hooray for Friday!
Hooray for a fun weekend planned...
In honor of all the "Hooray's" I'm linking up with Ashley for...


Dear Husband, though it's been a trying week, thanks for letting me drag you all over creation this weekend to make up for the "not so exciting" summer our Daughter has had.  She is going to LOVE what we have planned this weekend!  On that note, Dear Holiday World, get ready...cause here we come!  9:30am to be exact...when the doors open!  The 3 of us are planning to scale every part of the the park tomorrow in record time!  I better get rest!  Dear Mind & Body, please let me go to sleep tonight.  For whatever reason, I can be dying of exhaustion all day, but when its finally time for me to hit the sack, my eyes are stuck open!  I.NEED.REST!  Dear Amanda, thanks for pushing me to get up {almost} everyday this week!  I need to be running {much more than I am} so I'm thrilled to have a partner in crime that keeps me motivated!  Dear Sweet Boy, please keep being sweet.  This Momma can handle a bit more smiles and not so many tears from my favorite 2 kids!  I'm thrilled that you love your new yogurt so much that you got it out of the cupboard and brought it to me...spoon in hand!  Sweet & Funny moment!  Dear First Born, are you ready for school?  I hope so...and this weekend we get to do my favorite part of this shopping...TAX FREE too {double win}!
Until next time, 
Fran J.

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  1. Have a great day at holiday world!!! Love it there. :)