Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

About to be over the mid-week hump & I'm so excited that we are closer to Friday!
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I'm Lovin' our trip to Holiday World.
If you haven't heard of this amazing water & theme park, you need to check it out!
It's located about 2 1/2 hours from here in Santa Claus, Indiana.
You heard right, Santa Claus.
The park is great for kids of all ages, but it was exceptional for Chloe!
We hung out in the water park area for the first 1/2 of the day & ended in the main park.
We rode tons of rides, got in the wave pool, went down a few water slides, and even watched a Dive Show.
It was well worth the drive to have one last "hoorah" with Chloe before school starts!

{make shift fort on the way to Holiday World}

{she wasn't quite ready to go on the swings; so she took a seat and watched Daddy...maybe next time}

{first driving lesson...thankfully there was something keeping the car on track...}

{second driving lesson...very serious this one} 

I'm Lovin' my new Karama clutch.  This is a ministry that my Sister-In-Law brought to my attention.  She showed us the amazing things these women are making so I knew I had to show my support!  Everything they sell is hand made in Africa!  By purchasing items from them, you are giving them the opportunity to sustain life!  Take a moment and see for your self:

I'm Lovin' my new Kindle Fire Case.  I'm really Lovin' that it was only $13.80 {shipped and all}. 
Thanks Amazon!

I'm Lovin' this girl.
We went to Nashville this past Sunday to shop for school...sadly, the great coupon I was planning on using wasn't good until this weekend {I guess I should have read the fine print}.  So we enjoyed a nice lunch at Panera with Brittnye & Austin, did a bit of browsing, and headed home!  I love her patience...we will definitely take advantage of that coupon this coming weekend!

I'm Lovin' these Pinterest quotes: 

What are you Lovin' today? 


  1. I love Holiday World & I love how its still fun even for us older ones :) & Panera yum! I love that place about as much as I love Starbucks! Chloe is getting so big :*

  2. panera has been one of my faves lately, can't wait til we get ours! we LOVE holiday world!!!! so glad you got to go before school! cleanest park and best bang for your buck around!

  3. I'm so behind on catching up on sorry girls! Ashleigh--Holiday World was great especially for Chloe's age! Starbucks is my favorite! Laura--Panera is the best...I'm pretty excited to be getting one here soon too!