Friday, April 30, 2010

Chloe's Surgery Continued

So, last Wednesday, Blake, Chloe, and I headed to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for Chloe's Otoplasty (Ear Surgery). This was when we first arrived...I don't think she really knew what was going on...because she was so happy!
Once we got in and settled, they gave Chloe some rocking pj's to wear and some fun skid free socks! Here is a before picture of Chloe's little ear lobe. It just never fully formed before birth. It has not been a big deal at all...but we knew from the start that down the road we would get it fixed. I have to say, I knew I would always be one of those moms that got her daughter's ears pierced as an infant....but, because we couldn't...I am so thrilled that it will be her choice. She talks about earrings ALL the time (she is quite girly). So, we are going to make it a HUGE deal when she can get them done so that she will always remember it! Maybe as a big sister treat in the Fall or for Christmas. We have to wait at least 6 months to avoid infection.
Before Picture
Playing with the Dolls the hospital provided. I know they are a Children's hospital...but I could not believe how kid friendly they were...amazing. Chloe got to meet every Doctor and every Nurse that would be coming in contact with her!
The picture above was taken after she was given her "amnesia" medicine. They gave it to her to help with the separation and with the recovery! They said it was equivalent to us drinking 4 Margaritas! She was quite goofy.
Trying to get a picture with her Dad :)
Right after she woke up. She was a little out of it and not sure of what was going on. The popsicle helped!

We were discharged about 30 minutes after she woke up...she did great with the surgery and the anesthesia so there was no reason for us to stay. When we got home, my Dad came over for a short visit. Chloe was still a little loopy from all the meds so this cupcake with a mile high pile of icing helped :) She obviously enjoyed it! Thanks Papa!
All in all, it was a very easy and positive experience. Chloe barely complained about any pain and you can't even see anything when you are looking straight at her. She has a few stitches on the back side of her lobe but other than battle wounds! :)

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  1. The pictures with her pretty little head all wrapped up just breaks my heart. But I'm glad to know that she wasn't in much pain at all. And things went well.