Friday, August 20, 2010

Sneak Peek...and a few other pictures!

Hooray! Carter's bedding finally arrived yesterday. Chloe had a play date last night so I stuck it on the bed as quick as I is not arranged to perfection yet, but I wanted to share a sneak peek of it! It is even more adorable than I could have imagined....I'll share more soon!
It has lots of bright colors...oranges, lime green, brown, blue, ecru! So exciting!
Also, I have had several (well, lots) of great things made in preparation for Carter's arrival! The amazing woman that has been doing this for me...made me a special treat! This romper is going to be SO cute in the Winter! Thanks Amy...very much appreciated!
Also, I don't think I posted this....but, this is what Blake gave me for our Anniversary back in July! This may seem silly to some...but, he really is a sweetie! I know that this thoughtfulness will one day rub off on Carter...well, I can at least hope!
This lap top case was wrapped (Thanks Casey)! When I opened it up...this is what I found---
Okay, I might need to explain. Blake and I are not in 2010 as far as technology is concerned. We don't have INTERNET at home...the shame! We both do what we have to do at work...and never saw the need since we have Internet on our phones. So, since I am about to go on Maternity leave, we thought it would be a good time to move into this century! But, he didn't want to order a computer without my input! So...there you have it! I thought it was a fun way to give it to me though! I wish I would have taken the picture before I opened it!

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  1. Awe that is so sweet! 1. love the bedding 2. that hubby of yours is good! such a sweet gift!