Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby, It's cold outside!

Well, its official. We have had our first snow of the season...a measly 1 inch...but, hey, we will take it! Chloe was so excited to go and play in the snow (we have built up the suspense). So, Thursday morning she woke up ready to make a snow angel. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough snow to play in. Here's hoping we get some more in the coming months...just in case we don't, I wanted to document that we did actually get some! Here are a few quick pics that I snapped right before we headed to school / work!

She picked up snow with her her bare hands...she was not a happy camper after that. I promise we were only out there for about 1 second! :)

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  1. yeah, us too...5 mins at a time with socks on their hands, lol!