Monday, January 18, 2010

Florida so far...

Our trip to Florida has been great so far. We had a pretty stress free trip down...Chloe was pretty good. I have to say...she loves to fly and completely loves airplanes. She was so excited to get to Florida!

I bet you can't tell :)

(Sorry about the cracker in her mouth...oh, just in case you don't catch it..she tells me to 'calm down'...what am I going to do with her? :)

Saturday we had dinner with Granny and Papaw (Blake's Grandparents) and his Cousin Neil, his wife Keanna, and their 2 boys, Cayson and Cooper. Once Chloe warmed up, she had a great time running after the boys. They brought over a bounce house for them to play in...Chloe had a ball. It was nice to just hang out and relax. I am certainly ready for a vacation!

Chloe and her Daddy :)


  1. Haha...I know.. Isn't she ridiculous :) I love her..sass and all!

  2. That is so weird. My name is DeAnna my twin sons are Cayson and Cooper.