Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valenties Day (just a day or 2 late)

This weekend was great. Friday we had the amazing B.E.P. Concert and Saturday we enjoyed dinner and a movie with friends! Packed weekend for sure...but fun! We saw "Valenties Day"...I highly recommend it. Very cute and very appropriate for this time of year :) Oh, just beware where you sit...there was a steady leak in the theater we sat in at the Mall....I was waiting for the ceiling to cave at any second. The funny part--Blake went to tell the Manager (he wasn't in until 1030pm that night) but the guy he talked to said it has been that way for a month!

Sunday, the official holiday, was great too! Chloe handed me 2 from her and her sister, Riley, and one from Blake! My gift was 'nicely' wrapped in newspaper! I was thrilled to open 2 boxes of Thin Mints! My favorite. Up until this point, I had managed to stay away from all that are girl scout cookes! But, hey, they were a gift!

My real gift was a hot date to the Melting Pot! Yay! We went this past Wednesday! It was delicious as usual! Love that place...very intimate!

Here are a few snapshots from the weekend!

Chloe was visited by the Valentines Day Bug (thanks Grandy and Jenks)...when Chloe opened her prize she exclaimed...Minnie Mouse pajamas...JUST WHAT I WANTED! Haha! So funny. She also got these cool heart sunglasses that she has not parted with since Sunday!

After our HOT date at the Melting Pot...very full at this point!

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