Monday, February 22, 2010

This weekend...

We had a fun but low key weekend. Friday night, we headed to the Blackhorse to celebrate our friend Andrew's birthday! Chloe got to go and visit with her friend Addison while we ate! They had a blast. They are only 1 day apart (Chloe is the younger of the 2)! They are great friends...they take dance together as well! I love her having a good little girlfriend to play with!
You can tell how hard they played just by looking at Chloe's hair! :)
Saturday we went to Ryann's 7th birthday party. She is such a sweet girl! Chloe loves playing with her. Her birthday was a "Spongebob" them. The kids got to make their very own Spongebob! Chloe's was definitely unique!
Chloe and Ryann...Chloe was smiling right before I snapped the picture!
That night, we headed back to Adrienne's house to play a little more. Jack was over there as all 3 kids had a fun time running around!
A few more pictures from the weekend:
A little golf lesson with Daddy...Thanks Bertie for the golf club set!

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