Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 year check up....

Only 2 months late :)  Chloe had her 4 year check up on Wednesday morning.  All is well!  She is in the 85% for height and the 34% for weight (down from last year).  She most definitely is long and lean.  I always worry that she is not eating enough...she certainly is a skinnie minnie!  But, Dr. Roads said she is perfectly healthy!  I think her baby brother will be built the same way!

Because this is her only check up before she starts Kindergarten, she had to have fun..but, she got over it really quick!  The 2 stickers Dr. Roads gave her certainly helped!  She passed her hearing test and eye exam with flying colors.  She answered every question that Dr. Roads asked perfectly!  When asked to count, she counted to 20 without missing a beat--which is great because she has NEVER done that for me!  I know she knows how to count far beyond 20, but she thinks it is funny not to share it with me :)

I have to say one positive thing is that we have not been to the Doctor in just about 12 months!  Chloe has been healthy as a horse (knock on wood)....Don't get me wrong, we had our share of illness...she was just about sick for 18 months straight after being in daycare...but, her built up immune system NOW makes that tough time worth it! 

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