Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In need of an update...

Wow, what a crazy few days it has been. To start, Blake broke his foot on Saturday :( He was doing me a huge favor by carrying a rather large present down the stairs...he slipped on one of our steps and broke his foot in 2 places. He had to have surgery on it today--9 screws and 1 plate later, he is on the mend. The day after Blake broke his foot, Chloe tripped while running at Grandy's house and broke her front tooth (the same tooth has already been fixed once). Well, we headed to the Dentist on Monday, and they were unable to save it :( She had to have her first tooth pulled. It was a sad day (really just for Mommy)!!! The tooth fairy did visit though and left a hefty $10 :) She was able to buy a new Barbie for all the trouble! I will say, she did far better with it all than me...she didn't even shed a tear (not even when the tooth was pulled). Such a brave little girl. Mommy shed quite a few that day!

Well, it is almost Thanksgiving...I'm hoping for an uneventful day of eating and sleeping. Thank the good Lord that Carter is a good baby! He's been the least of my worries lately!

Blakes foot the day he broke it :(
Showing off her new space!!!

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