Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enjoying the days with the 2 "C's"

I have to say that this winter we have gotten the most snow I can ever remember (and I've lived here my entire life)!  I was excited for Chloe to get to go outside and play.  I will say, the first day, she stayed out for quite a while...mainly because she was driving her truck in the snow...and getting stuck!  The second big snow, she only stayed out for 5 minutes!  Any Mom or Dad knows that it takes forever to get your kiddos bundled up so needless to say, it was kind of a waste of layers!  Carter also got to have his first experience with snow...he didn't seem so thrilled!
Carter has really started to show his sweet personality.  He is a super smiley baby.  You wouldn't even know that this picture (below) was taken during his first experience with the stomach bug! 
My very talented friend, Shelby, made these sweet shirts for the kids.  I can't wait for them to wear them!  Thanks Shelby!

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