Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best of Clarksville & Tickle Me Pink

Well, I'm happy to report that Jenkins and Wynne can proudly say that we are the "Best Place to Buy a Vehicle" in Clarksville for the 11th year!  What an amazing honor!  What I love about this award beyond the fact that this event supports the March of Dimes, is that it is voted on by our community / customers!  Thank you to everyone that came out and voted!

Thanks to those that came out to help work the crowd!

Earlier that day, Amanda & I went to an event at the Country Club called Tickle Me Pink.  This event was put on to help support the ABC Program at the Clarksville YMCA.  I had no idea this program is a 16 week program that is offered FREE to women who have had breast cancer!  I believe they were able to raise a ton of money to help support this program!  This was the 1st year for this fundraiser, but I for see many more in the years to come!  I hope that the Women at the Wheel can take part again next year!

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