Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo-A-Day: January 16th-....

 Well, sadly, this month I didn't finish out the Photo-A-Day Challenge...but I did do most of it...
I think I might take a break next month!  Who knows?
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1.16 two things
these are definitely my FAVORITE two things...I love Carter's expression!! 

1.17 relax 
I think he looks pretty relaxed.  Wouldn't you say? 

1.18 shadow 
of my new iPhone 5. I'm definitely loving it!!

1.19 delicious
left over sushi for lunch this day! YUM!

1.20 something I saw
Carter telling me 'B' is for BOY!

1.21 what I do 
this is about view from day-to-day.

1.22 corner
of my new iPhone 5 Otter Box!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

1.24 stripes 
I have a slight obsession.

1.26 together 
the girls together at Chloe's Bitty Baby Party!

1.27 sun
well, my version of sun... anyway!
and that is about it...I hate that I didn't finish out the month strong, but...oh well!  
Happy I snapped the photos I did.

Here are a few other photos of the kids lately.
Chloe requested that I do her hair like this...such a fashionista!  She looked like a flower child! 

Carter and I were watching Super Why together the other day {his absolute favorite show besides the Jesus movie, which he calls 'the Jesus Box}, and I snapped a few photos of us.  He has just stolen my heart...there just aren't any other words.  I adore him and his spirit.  Even when he is making me incredibly mad, I can't help but smile at his sly, sneaky grin!  Proud to be a Momma to this Boy!

Happy Friday, Friends!

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