Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This & That

First up, this little gem. Chloe painted this at aftercare.  It says: 
I love you Int (Aunt) Lezy (Lizzie)
From Chloe
She is so excited to see Aunt Lizzie in just a few weeks!  I'm pretty pumped too!

Carter is beginning to potty I decided to try out some big boy undies this weekend!
Well, I was able to snap this sweet picture of my boy, but  not 5 minutes later, he said "Momma, I spilled in my diaper"...AKA, he peed on the floor!  Good times!

Chloe has been taking an Acro class on Friday nights for a few weeks now.  She loves it.  I can really tell this might just be her "thing".  It helps that Ms. Becky is an amazing teacher that puts her heart & soul into it. Here are 2 new things she learned last Friday.  The first one is called an Angel Kiss, and I'm not sure what the second one is called...I now she was excited to be doing partner work though! 

I snapped a picture of Chloe's hands on the Rewind wall.  She is official! 

I tried out a few new braids on our hair too!  Chloe's looked pretty cute...mine, well, its a work in progress.  I'm thankful that Amanda taught me how to french braid.  It has been such a saving grace for Chloe's hair! 

I have said before, Carter is obsessed with the "Jesus Box" AKA Bible Story DVD that Cindy gave us for Christmas.  We take it everywhere with us.  He just has to have the box with him to have comfort I guess.  Well, I caught him watching so intently the other day in the car.  He was so focused...he doesn't even realize that the headphones swallow his head...he could care less! 

I did a quickie manicure the other day.  I absolutely love this color mainly because it goes on super easy.  It's a one-coat wonder!  Essie "Case Study" 

Finally, I was headed to lunch on Monday around 2pm and Cindy texted me...she said that Carter had been sick twice and she didn't think it was going to get better any time soon.  I picked him up and on the way home, he got sick 3 more times in my car {I wasn't a happy camper, but there was nothing he could do}.  He kept saying things like "Momma, it's on my shoe" "Momma, it's on my hand"
It was so sweet and so sad at the same time.
Needless to say, we stayed in the bed all day.  Thankful for Sandy {Grandy} picking up Chloe from school because I'm not sure Carter would have been able to handle another car ride! 
He is officially better as of today...hoping that it stays that way!


  1. Love that nail color!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

  2. Poor boy! I hope your car came clean! Good job on the braids. :) did I answer you about the hair growing thing? Sorry, I've been delayed on everything lately it seems!