Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update on 1st Grade

I was so excited when I received these pictures from Chloe's teacher, Ms. Kemmer.  They were taken while the kids read to the Pre-K classes.  It was Read Across America Week...each student picked out their favorite Dr. Seuss Book and practiced to make sure they were familiar enough to read it out loud!  Chloe chose to read Green Eggs and Ham!!

We also had a conference with her teacher that week...I knew Chloe was doing well, but I was overwhelmed with pride when I was shown her Progress Report: 
Not only does she have straight A's, which is AMAZING, but she is also now ON GRADE LEVEL in Reading.  This is a HUGE accomplishment that she has worked so extremely hard for!  I just can't even express how proud I was for her!  So thankful for Ms. Kemmer and everyone at the Academy that help my sweet girl grow and flourish every day!

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