Friday, March 29, 2013

This & That

Chloe has been wanting the American Girl Doll of the Year for some time now; well, because Santa just brought her a new one, I certainly wasn't going to entertain the idea.  She decided to count all of her money in her piggy bank...after a few extra chores...she had enough to buy her doll all on her own.  I placed the order and a few days later Saige arrived!  Chloe was over the moon! 


The weekend after Blake's 30th Birthday, we headed to Nashville for APSU's Candlelight Ball.  We look forward to this event every year.  I have been on the committee for 2 years now, and I really do enjoy it...this is the only committee I've ever been on that truly runs itself!  The event was held at the Hilton in Downtown Nashville.  Because so many of our close friends go ever year, it's always a great night followed by a fun time out on the town--we generally end the night at The Big Bang and with a hot dog from the street vendor! 

2012-2013 Committee 

I love this girl!
I really liked the way Cassie {at Lyndon's} did my hair...simple & chic! 
The Handsome Hubby...newly 30, by the way! 

Chloe & I snuck off to get pedicures together before I left for the day.  It was her first time, and she did great--no squirming at all!


Carter has grown to LOVE Chuck E. Cheese.  So much so, he asks us to take him there daily.  Well, we decided to pack up the kids and go last weekend---why we thought it would be a good idea to go on a Saturday afternoon...I have no idea! But, the kids had a great time!

Enjoying his push up pop!
and getting hugs from Chuck E!!!! 

Later that night, we headed to a dinner party to celebrate Blake's best friend's upcoming wedding!  It was a small, intimate dinner party with some really great friends!  We had a great time!

At church the next day, Chloe decided to go to 'big church' with us!  I can never tell if she fully understands what is going on, but I know she loves being there with us.  She asked for my pen during service...and this is what she wrote: 

"Thank you God :) Love Chloe"

My heart proved me that she got out of it all she needed too...that she is thankful for God!


Well, we had another very BIG happening take place this week--Chloe lost her 1st tooth!  It has been hanging there for weeks {maybe months} now.  Blake and I have been dying to pull it, but she wants nothing to do with it!  Well, she and I were playing pet shop and crawling on the floor.  She leaned down and bumped her mouth on one of her stuffed animals.  When she sat up, her mouth was bleeding.  We quickly figured out that she had all but knocked it out.  I told her that we were past the point of no return...she kept saying "I just want God to take it out" ... she was terrified.  Long story short, she finally covered her eyes and let Daddy pull it out!  Afterwards, she realized that it wasn't that big of a deal.  She now has a gummy grin...since she had the other front tooth pulled a few years back!

The tooth fairy was gracious and left her $10!! 

She was nice and puffy from crying for 20 minutes!  Sad, sad, sad! 
The sweet gummy grin before school yesterday!


I was so thankful to be able to attend Chloe's Easter Egg Hunt at school yesterday. The kids were so hyped up because Spring Break started the extra candy really helped ;) 

All her loot!
Chloe & Rebekah--sweet friends.

Because the weather was so pretty yesterday, the kids wanted to play outside.  They were so sweet together.  Carter refused to get out of the swing and Momma was tired of pushing so Chloe took over pushing duties! 

We are excited about Easter this weekend--lots of fun, family plans--an Egg Hunt, Egg Dying, Easter Service & Lunch with Jenks!

We hope you have a blessed Easter!

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  1. Great job saving up, Chloe and congrats on losing your first tooth :)