Friday, February 22, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Well, being that this is the first ‘real’ post...I want it to have some impact! Blake and I just got back from Las Vegas. It was the most fabulous trip I have ever taken. We went with our friends Brittnye and Steven. You know when you see Vegas on TV (yes Jennifer, like the Real World), you don't think that is really what it is like. Well, let me tell you. It is exactly what you think it is...and more. I can't even describe the Casinos, the lights, the is amazing. If you have never been, you need to book your flight now! Gambling is not my thing necessarily, but Blake seems to enjoy it! We also came home winners...and for those of you who know Blake, this is probably surprising. Actually, it is probably surprising to you that we did not loose our house! Just kidding :) I wanted to share some pictures of our trip. All in all, it was good few days to recharge our batteries…working and being a parent is tiring. Oh, how could I forget? We went to see “LOVE” which is a Cirque De Sole show in Vegas. Truly the most amazing part of the trip!

Okay, secondly, I am not a writer…never claimed to be...but I thought I would give this Blogging thing a shot. Maybe it will only last a never know! Feedback would be appreciated! I hope that our family and friends enjoy getting day-to-day updates on the Jenkins Family…especially little Chloe, who does something new and funny almost everyday!


  1. Very cute page Frannie!
    mary ellen

  2. I love when my name is spoken on the internet! Thats my favorite. Vegas...its like the Gatlinburg of the west. (...i cant even type that without laughing)

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  4. I'd like to go to Vegas one day when I have:
    1. money to go and to do it right
    2. time to go to Vegas
    Which will probably be awhile:)