Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day!

Hooray! It has been snowing (well...spitting flurries) all day long! I absolutely love it! These little foot prints in the snow are Chloe's from our 1st official snow day back in January! As if you could not tell...they certainly are not my giant feet :) Unfortunately, we were not able to go and play in the snow this morning...well, not yet anyway! Not too much to report from the Jenkins Clan! Chloe had a check up this morning with our favorite Dr...Dr. Roads! She adores him! She has recently had a bout with dual ear infections...thankfully, all is well. I am getting tired or administering steroids to my 17 month old! Hopefully, with the weather warming up, she won't be nearly as sick! Other than that, I am well on my way to doing some Spring Cleaning (Yuck)! Wish me luck :) Our bathrooms and floors are in need of a lot of attention...which, I am not too proud to say! Well, I hope that everyone is enjoying the Winter Wonderland! I know I am! Stay Warm!

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