Friday, May 2, 2008


Last Saturday, Adrienne and I took Chloe and Addison to a 'Mommy and Me' Gymnastics class. It was fun. Really it was just 45 minutes to let the girls run around and get all of their energy out. They had mats for them to roll on, a trampoline, and blow ups. I think Chloe liked it...I think she will take to it the more we go. It is once a week so we'll see what she thinks tomorrow. I did go and get her a leotard because she was the only little girl that did not have one last week...I know that is dorky, but I want to do it right :) So, she will be super cute this weekend while running around. Here are some pictures of the Girls.
Addison took to the hanging bar really quickly...Chloe (as you can see) was a little more hesitant.

On Sunday, we went to Jimmy and Sarah Biggerman's house. It was Max's 3rd birthday party. We were there most of the afternoon. We stayed after the party and grilled out. Jimmy is in the Military so he was only home for the weekend. Blake wanted to get some good quality time in with him while he was here. We had a great time. Chloe loved playing with all of Max's new toys...especially 'Hungry, Hungry Hippo' and this strange fish toy. I am not sure what it is called, but it is a fish that spits out little pieces of paper and the kids are suppose to catch them in the net. Needless to say, they played with it until the batteries wore out. Chloe did not successfully catch any in her net, but she had fun picking them up off the floor.

Max got this great recliner from his Grandparents...Chloe really loved it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi...this is Katie Johnson Kitchen. I found your blog through the Wyatts and I was just wondering where you took Chloe for her gymnastics class? I live in Clarksville and have a 1 yr old little girl and I have always wanted to get her involved in something like that. I hope I'm not being to forward by asking..any info you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks.


  2. Hi Katie! Your not being to forward at all...I am always asking people about activities...I want to get Chloe involved in as much as I can. I am taking her to Elite Gymnastics (on the bypass) for this class. It is really more free play than anything else. It is $35 a month and it is held on Saturday morning from 10am-1045am. It is just a good time for them to burn some energy. If you want some more information, their number is 906.1663! I would love to meet you! I plan to be there forever more (or at least until Chloe grows tired of it :))! Hopefully, I will see you soon! Have a great weekend!