Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ELMO: When I Grow Up!
Okay, I know you all having been sitting at the edge of your seats waiting for this post...just kidding. Last weekend, Blake and I took Chloe to Elmo Live in Nashville. I am so glad we did. She had an amazing time. We had great seats too. We were so close to the stage that we could basically touch the characters when they came off the stage. We were seated in the middle of the row, which at first bummed me out, but then once Chloe realized that the characters would come close, she was not so happy. She liked seeing them on the stage, but when they would come down into the crowd, she would tense up. She did really well though. Those things with a 2 year old are always hit or miss. Next time they come, we will definitely go! Here are some pics from our adventure :) Oh, while there we, well I, thought it would be a nice gesture to get Chloe an Elmo balloon...this place knows how to work it. During the intermission, they brought out what looked like a 100 Elmo balloons...of course, the kids go crazy. Well, Blake takes Chloe up there to get one. When he comes back, he said "if they come out with Big Bird balloons, we are not getting one...this one was $8." $8 for a balloon...that is highway robbery! The things we do for our kids :)

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