Monday, December 15, 2008

This weekend was pretty low key...which I have to say...I was A-OK with!! Blake and I have 4 Christmas Party's to attend this week so I wanted all of us to get rest before the craziness began!

Anyway, we stayed in Friday night. Saturday morning, I had a Junior Auxiliary event to attend--Our Annual Gingerbread Party--it was very moving to be apart of that event this year. Basically, we along with various other banks, schools, etc. in town adopted several families in Clarksville. These families came and enjoyed time with Santa, Breakfast, and Presents. It was great to know that we were helping them have a good Christmas. After that, I shopped around with Brittnye while Blake and Steve watched Chloe and some football :) We had a quick dinner at Outback, which was fun as always with Brittnye and Steven, and then we headed home.

Sunday, Cole (co-worker of ours) and Lane (one of our oldest friends) came over to have a shrimp boil. It was so good...shrimp, potatoes, corn, onions...YUM. Later that night, we went to Kevin and Ashley's house to have a play date with Addison and Jack! The kids had a great time and we got to have some fun girl time while the boys watched football. Does football ever end?? All-in-all--a great weekend :)

Picture 1--the kids enjoying some coloring time!
Picture 2--Jack and Addison
Picture 3--Chloe opening her present from Addison (they are 1 day apart so their birthday party's fell on the same day this year)...hey, we are only 3 months late in exchanging presents :) It could have been worse. Both girls got baby dolls...which they made Adrienne and I open immediately so they could play with them :) So Sweet!!

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