Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's My 100th Post and It's a Long One!!

Well, it has been a bit since I have posted. My partner in crime (Casey) has been out on maternity leave so things have been pretty steady at work. I am definitely not complaining...I would rather be busy than not! :)
Two weekends ago, I went to Nashville for Whitney's Bachelorette Party! We met at Cabana's in Nashville (if you have never been, you need to go)! It was really fun. We sat in an actual Cabana (hence the name). We were able to hook up an Ipod and listen to our own music. It is fun and funky place! After that, we headed to the Hilton to have her Lingerie Shower. She got lots of fun and frisky things! After that, we headed downtown...I had to retire early so I did not hoot with the owls...but, it was a fun Saturday night for sure!

The Friday before Mother's Day, I was invited to a "Mother's Day Tea" at Chloe's School! It was so cute! We had breakfast together...she then presented me with my present. It was a sweet flower she had planted and her little hand print with a fun little poem. It will definitely be something I cherish forever! Here is my sweet girl. Sorry it is not the best picture...my camera decided to die right after so this is all I got!

I have to say that I had the most amazing Mother's Day weekend. It started off Friday with the Mother's Day Tea. Saturday, Chloe and I headed to gymnastics. She is really getting into it. I need to take video of her doing the stretches. She does EXACTLY what the teachers do! It is precious! After that, we headed to do some Mother-Daughter shopping. Later in the afternoon, we went to Max's 4th Birthday party. Jimmy and Sarah have been great friend's of ours for quite some time! I always enjoy celebrating their boy's birthdays with them! Chloe loves to play with Max so we hung out well after the birthday party!

Chloe and Max playing with the Treasure in the Treasure Box (It was a Pirate themed birthday)!

Chloe decorating cupcakes. Isn't that the cutest idea. All the kids got to decorate their own! Love that idea.

Daddy helping...

Playing with her pirate sword :)

Sunday (Mother's Day) was AMAZING. I was woken up to Chloe bringing me my Mother's Day Present....and BOY did she do good. She (with some help from Daddy I am sure :)) got me a Essentials Facial from Eden and the sweetest card. Blake gave me the best present of ALL. He got up at 2am and brought my car down to the Dealership. He fully detailed it (took him 4 hours). I mean, washed, waxed (twice), buffed, vacuumed. It was immaculate. I was so thrilled! For those who don't know...I am a clean freak and I love getting into a clean car!

The reason why I get to celebrate Mother's Day--my pride and joy :)

The best Family Picture we have ever taken (it only too 2 1/2 years :))

I have to say that I am truly blessed to be Blake's Wife and Chloe's Mom. I really believe that God knew early on that Blake and I were meant to be. 10 years later, we are going strong and now have a beautiful and bright daughter to share our life with! Thanks Blake and Chloe for making my day so very special. I love you both :)

After that, Blake cooked me, Chloe, and my Mom breakfast! What a Man!! We then headed to Church and then to Lunch at Edwards with the Jenkins Clan. If you have not eaten there, you definitely need to try it! YUM! My Dad paid me a visit with a dozen roses in hand while Blake and Chloe were sleeping.
All in all, best weekend, hands down!

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