Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yay for Concrete!

Who ever thought that I would say that? Yesterday, our neighbor, Josh Dennis poured us some new concrete! We have been talking about doing this for about a good year now...glad to have this project behind us! We had our driveway extended about 15 feet, a side walk poured, and our patio extended. This weekend, my Dad is getting Chloe the swing set she has been talking about for 6 months (SHHH! She does not know yet :))! So, after they assemble that, our yard will be complete! I can't wait! Here are a few pictures!
Driveway extension
New Sidewalk :)
Extended patio


  1. yay! we really want to have our driveway horse shoe all the way out to the road but oh, the cost! did they give you a good price?

  2. Actually--they guy that did it is our neighbor. He poured himself a sidewalk the same day he did ours!! They did it for a pretty good price. We have been thinking about doing it for about a year now...glad it is behind us! Looking forward to putting it to use :)