Friday, August 7, 2009

Dance! Dance! Dance!

My heart is just bursting....and this is why:
Dance has started...I have waited for this day since I was 18 weeks pregnant and found out I was having a sweet girl!
chloe, anna, ansley
She walked right in and sat down....she did not fuss. This is all I needed to see...she LOVES it!
Parents were able to come in the last 10 minutes. They did a circle dance for all of us! So adorable!

Afterwards, they lined up and each got a lollipop!
All of Chloe's little friends in the class-Chloe, Addison, Emily, Hadley, Ansley and Anna!
These 2 have been friends since birth--literally, they are 1 day apart--Adrienne and I were in the hospital together :)
She was just posing away! :)

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