Friday, August 28, 2009


Here are a few updates that I have not posted lately. First, this weekend is my birthday. I will be the BIG 2-6!!! I'm now on the downward slide towards 30! Yikes! But, to kick off my birthday extravaganza, the girls at work (Casey, Holly, Leslie) decorated my desk with smiley face balloons! Yay! Holly also baked yummy confetti cupcakes with chocolate icing! Thanks girls for making this day special!
Also, a few weeks ago, our monthly book club met...this is great in itself, but we have something even more special to celebrate! Three of the girls are having babies!! Emily M, Emily D, and Privott S. We decided to have a BOOK Baby Shower! So cute! We each got the girls a special book to us! Here is a picture of the group:

Here is a sneak peek at part of Chloe's new big girl room! These are the pillowcases I had monogrammed for her big girl bed! Love it. The room is about 90% complete so I will post more pics when it is done!

Last weekend we attended the YMCA Fundraiser! It was so fun! We always have a great time with this group of people! The night started out at the F&M Bank downtown...we then headed to Jeremy and Haven's house for the 'after party!' Here are a few pics:

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