Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 Year Well Check Up

Chloe had her 3 year check up this morning. She did great. I'm so happy that she has no qualms with going to the doctor / dentist....especially because she has been to the dentist so many times over the last 3 years. Her Pediatrician, Dr. Roads, said she is growing great! She is 38 inches tall (70th percentile) and 31 lbs. (50th percentile). She is tall and lean! Yay! Hopefully that will be the way she stays!!! She talked Dr. Roads head off today, which was no surprise to me. He said she seems very smart and very advanced for her age (in regards to her speech). She is not 100% on her letters yet, but Dr. Roads said that most kids learn them from the age of no worries there! All in all, Blake and I have a very healthy little girl on our hands! Right before we left, she got her flu shot. Not too much drama (thankfully). She cried out for about 5 seconds and then got over it once she noticed the metallic band aid the Nurse used! Here she is being silly....

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  1. hey, how did you get your header pic shrunk down? did lashonda do it for you or did you do something i don't know how? as you can see, mine is HUGE and makes it off center. help!