Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting!

Last Friday, Chloe and I had the privilege of babysitting sweet Chandler Kate! She was so good. I was excited to see how it would be to have 2 kiddos in the house....definitely manageable. I don't think Chandler is a typical baby girl though. She was so good. Chloe and I got to feed her yummy green beans and 2 bottles. Chloe wanted to hold her the entire time! They both went to sleep right on time too! Perfect!


  1. Oh yes Fran, 2 are definitely manageable. And...it's soooo sweet to watch siblings play together and laugh together.

  2. what sweet girls. I'm glad that Chloe has a baby cousin, so she can get used to having more children in the family, warm her up to the possibility of a sibling a bit.