Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Want to be Inspired?

Read Katherine Arnold Wolf's Story....very moving!! A small excerpt from her ongoing struggle:

"I went from making pies in my little kitchen to making sticky notes about what day of the week it was and playing UNO with 70 year old men. I went from learning to make the ‘world’s best brownie’ to learning to write my name again. I went from living a happy normal life, to living a nightmare where they kept asking me what year we were in and who was the current president. I went from going on playdates with girlfriends to going to course on “brain injury education”, “cognitive reasoning” and “disability adjustment”. I went from power-walking the hills of Pepperdine to having 4 physical therapists and a walker while I tried to walk one step. I went from wearing a cute outfit every day to wearing adult diapers and hospital gowns. My life changed dramatically in an instant. I put James down for a nap, began making meals for two new mothers and ended up in the hospital. Life is so fragile and so short and can change like you would not believe, in the blink of an eye. Every moment in life is valuable because we all know deep down that the next one could be our last. "--Katherine Wolf

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