Thursday, December 3, 2009

Better late than never

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...again, better late than never! We had a wonderful start to the Holidays! Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we had our annual Feast at work. I always love that day because I know it is going to be filled with lots of eating and laughs! Blake and I also try to get our Christmas trees up that night as well. I like to do it then because after Thanksgiving our days are just jam packed! We were successful in getting both trees up...with little Chloe's help! Here are a few pictures of Chloe helping hang ornaments (she also helped us with the tree branches...she did surprisingly well spreading out the branches and it went much faster with her help too)! Also, this is a picture of our tree in our kitchen. It is a little bit smaller so one day I envision all of Chloe's homemade ornaments going on it! Can't wait!

Thanksgiving day, we slept in until around 9 (so nice)! After we got up and moving, we headed to Don and Sandy's house for Thanksgiving lunch! My Dad joined us again this year as thankful that he came! Another surprise....Blake's Aunt Connie and Uncle Tim were in town (they were passing through) and were able to stay as well to celebrate the day! We ate our fill for sure and just hung around enjoying each other's company. After we got home that night, my Mom came over and spent some time with us too! It was a great day! Oh, I traditionally am not able to do the "Black Friday" shopping thing, but Blake coordinated it to where we could head to Opry Mills at Midnight Thursday night! We arrived right after would not believe HOW MANY people were already there. It was nuts. I stood in line at the Disney Store for 45 minutes to get a Doll for Chloe (I hope she likes it). Looking back, not sure if it was worth us not getting any sleep that night, but it was a fun adventure....we had to be at work by 8am Friday! We were definitely tired that night!

She has started crossing her legs like a little precious!

Chloe and her KK :)

Chloe and Jenks

Eating Pumpkin Pie (her new favorite) with Papa!

Whenever she sees this hat laying out....she just has the urge to wear it! I love it! I have gotten such cute pictures of her in it! :)

Many things to be thankful for! I hope the start to your Holidays was great too!

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