Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

This past weekend, we decided to be crazy and run in the Jingle Bell Jog! WOW! It was FREEZING. I think it was around 25 degrees when we started! The run was downtown....super hilly I might add! Holly and I finished in 34 minutes! It was an all time record for us! We took off SEVERAL minutes from our previous 5K time! I have to say...if it was not for Holly and David pushing me...I would have laid down on the side of the road and quit! It was rough! So thankful that we good time as well!

Over the weekend I attempted to get a Christmas picture of Chloe (unsuccessful)....We are going to try to get a family one tonight! Holly is designing our card this year...I'm so excited about them! Here are a few 'outtakes' from the 'shoot.' :)

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