Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Fall!

Saturday we took advantage of the beautiful day and headed to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was great.  Chloe had such a fun time!  She rode the train and took a pony ride (she jumped right on...I couldn't believe it)!!!  I wanted to do one last fun thing with just her before Baby Carter arrives! 

Family of 3...not for long though!

Feeding the goats!

Petting the bunny at "Bunnyville"

Riding the Pony (if you said horse, she would correct you)!!!

Papa came too!

She was so proud...we were too!

Riding the train!

Notice Chloe is holding my belly!  She is not at all excited for her Baby Brother to be here :) 


  1. Matt and I have had a discussion about making a little train thingy like in the picture. We could totally pimp it out for our the kids birthday parties!

    Can't wait for Baby Carter to join us all! Let me know if you need anything when the time comes!

  2. looks lik fun! how was it compared to honey suckle hill farm? love the pic of her holding the belly :)