Monday, February 28, 2011

The Chunk--Happy 4 Months

I think I have the biggest baby ever!  Carter recently had his 4 month check up.  At that apt, we found out that he weighed 17lbs 13oz (93%) and 27 inches long (97%)!  He is built so different than his sister...she was long, but very skinny...not the case four our sweet Carter Boy!  Current things that keep it exciting with Carter are: laughing out loud, lots of smiling, enjoying time playing with toys on his playmat and WATCHING TV (this is his all time favorite thing)!  Dr. Roads told us that we need to limit the TV watching...but, it is hard because he zones in on the TV anytime he gets within 100 feet of one! 

Carter is super close to rolling over...hoping this happens soon, but I think he chunky thighs are hindering him!  We have moved up to size 3 diapers...even though these are a tad bit tight already! 

Beyond just plain 'ole formula, he is now eating cereal at night with a little bit of apple juice mixed in!  We are looking forward to moving on to green veggies this next month! 

Finally, on the sleep front, we are still pretty much getting a full nights sleep.  Carter lays down around 730 or so after his big 7 oz bottle and he generally wakes up between 445 and 545 (not the most exciting thing)!

We are lovin' our sweet chunky boy!  He is the most content and happy baby I have ever been around!  Here's a few pics from the last few weeks!
Waiting for our favorite Dr!

Yum! 1st time eating cereal!

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  1. he is almost the same size as loni, lol. she weighed 18lbs and was 28 inches for her 12 month. :) only in the 10th percentile which is so much smaller than my other 3! love the pot to chloe. she's a doll. :)