Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update on the Chunky Monkey

Well, we had our follow up appointment this past Friday to check on Carter's ears and get his 4 month {dreaded} shots.  All was well...shots went as good as can be expected.  His ears were clear {HOORAY}!!  Dr. Roads also addressed his bad cough.  I left thinking all was well....

Love these sweet chunky thighs...even with orange band-aids!

While waiting to see the Dr. Friday, Carter realized he had feet.  It was the cutest thing yet.  He has the best temperament {even when sick}...I am in awe of it everyday.

This was Carter yesterday...passed out.  As the weekend progressed, he got worse and worse.  His cough got deeper, his nose runnier, his eye gunkier, and he was constipated like no tomorrow.  So, to help relieve the tummy ache...we used this:
It was a LIFE SAVER!  I highly recommend it for those out there with small babies with backed up insides.  He had instant relief....and so did mommy & daddy!
We went back to the Dr. today.  She said that he just has a severe head cold / infection....OH, and his ears are infected again.  Hopefully the antibiotic will start to relieve some of the symptoms.  For now, Carter is fast asleep in his car seat {don't judge}!!!!

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  1. no judgement here! if he wants to sleep in his carseat, go for it! :)