Monday, June 15, 2009

Last post, I promise....

Sunday was busy as well. We went to church @ Grace, which was amazing!!! So glad we made it to the service. Afterwards, we went to Brunch with Steven and Brittnye! Later in the day, we headed to the pool. Kevin, Ashley, and Jack came over for a little swim time. When they walked up, Ashley and I realized that Jack and Chloe had on matching swim suits. This is not the best picture...but they are!! So cute. He had little sear sucker (not sure if that is spelled right) swim trunks with his monogram on them! I just adore these Kelly's Kids suits!! They played so good. Actually, Chloe had been a little scared of the water so far. I was glad to see her jumping in and playing without being scared. They would jump in and walk (by themselves) to the stairs...over and over and over again! It was a perfect day!
The breakfast of champions....right before church!
Matching swim cute!!

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