Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday FUN FUN FUN

Saturday, we did a little shopping for our upcoming trip to Jamaica...had a nap....went for a quick dip in the pool...and then headed to Kevin and Ashley's for a BBQ! Another fun play date for Chloe and Jack. We had a great time. Ate hot dogs, the most amazing guacamole dip EVER (thanks Haven), and grilled corn on the cob (again, thanks Haven)!! The kids had a fun time playing outside and eating Popsicles. They had kind of a late was a 11pm bed time! YIKES...but, thankfully, Chloe woke up in a good mood on Sunday! Thanks to Kevin and Ashley for having us over...always a fun time :)
Does Chloe not look like the biggest girl old. Makes me kind of sad :(
This picture was taken late night!!

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