Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chloe's First Recital

This past weekend, Chloe had her first Dance Recital! We could not be more proud of her! She did so well! I would have just been happy if she got up there and stood....I was worried she would get scared BUT she got up there and shook it...6 different times! She had 2 nights of recital...Thursday and Saturday. They were long and tiring nights, but so worth it! We didn't get home until well after 10:30pm both nights (that is WAY past her 8pm bedtime). She had a ballet number, a tap number and then the finale each night! Oh, her class also won Dance Class of the Year! Yay! It was for attendance, wearing the correct attire and having a willingness to learn! So proud of all the girls (and little Jack)! Here are a few...well, a lot of pictures from the 2 nights:
She had just fell down in her tap shoes...I probably should not have laughed, but that was my reaction :(

Her whole class (minus Jack). Don't they look so cute. They danced to "All Shook Up."

Her ballet costume was precious. They danced to "Unforgettable."

Showing me her moves!

All finished after her first night. For the finale, they danced to "Yellow Submarine" and wore their recital t-shirt, inner tube, and goggles! Very cute.

This was after she was completely done on Saturday night. Everyone gave her flowers...she was quite excited. This was the best picture that I got of us 3...well, 4 :) She was very hyped up after a few long nights! We are looking forward to another year of dance! Chloe loved it!

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