Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Summertime

Wow...things have been busy lately. My belly is still growing at rapid speeds so I am trying to really enjoy being a Mom to 1!!! With that being said, all 3 of us have been going, going, going!

Helping Mommy make a "homemade" pizza! She was excited to help!
We went to a Sounds game was so fun! The kids loved it! Thankfully, this particular day, it was not 1000 degrees! It was actually cool and nice! Blake bought Chloe a pink bat and we got to eat frozen yogurt out of a ball hat! Good times! Kids above: Addison, Chloe, Jack, Alec

Sweet friends
Swimming Lessons at the Settlement! Chloe is having such a great time! It was Parents Day last Friday and Blake and I got to go! I think Chloe was proud to have us there because not many parents showed up! One thing I admire about my sweet girl is that she might not be the biggest risk taker in the bunch, but she was always the first to raise her hand that she wanted to try! I really love that about here! She is doing pretty good..thankfully, she LOVES the water! :)

Doing a move "Tickle, T, Push"...I guess that helps them learn to swim on their backs...she didn't have it down 100%, but she sure did try and smiled the whole time!
This past Saturday, we headed to KY for Wendy and Brandon's wedding! Wendy was Casey's roommate in college. We have known her for many, many years now and she has always been such a great friend to Casey and a sweet person to know! Blake couldn't go, but Chloe and I made the drive with Don, Sandy, and Chandler (Casey was already there). It was a beautiful wedding...HOT, but beautiful. I told Wendy that I wanted Chloe to look just like her when she got married....she just looked stunning and completely blissful. The ceremony and reception were both outside...not the easiest thing for a 23 week pregnant woman, but we enjoyed anyway! I thought Chloe looked so sweet with her flower headband! Sassy!
This was after the ceremony...she was a little sweaty (as was I)...I thought her face was priceless!
They had an ice cream bar (along with other great food)...that really helped to keep us cool!

Chandler standing up by herself for the 1st time! Great moment...she clapped for herself...she was proud (as were all of us onlookers :))!
Chloe loves her Chandler!
The Jenkins Crew
After church, Chloe was excited to give her Daddy his father's day present. It was a polka dot paper tie that she made at school...very sweet! We had a great day...lunch with my Dad, a nap, and swimming and dinner with Don and Sandy! A little late, but Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy and Husband! Chloe just adores you as do I! We love you! :)

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