Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This past weekend, Brittnye and I packed up all 3 kids and headed to Chattanooga.  It was fun.  We really didn't have a big plan.  Hoped to get to the Aquarium and maybe the Children's Museum.  The Aquarium ended up taking a tad longer than I planned so we will have to make a trip back to check out the Museum and the Chugga-Chugga-Choo Choo (Chatanooga Choo Choo)...as Chloe would call it!
1*Just arriving @ the Aquarium
2*wooden alligator in gift shop (PLUS showing off her new pet turtle she named Butterfly)
3*Chloe & Carter taking in the fish on the River Journey side
Carter hung out in his new stroller most of the trip...side bar--I LOVE my new Combi stroller.  Best purchase in a long time!  Here is what is funny, he kept either one or both of his feet propped up on the arm rest the entire time!
After the Aquarium, we ate dinner at Big River Grille.  It had hopes of it being good, but I think I had the stomach bug so I did not partake in much eating most of the day.  I did enjoy a bite of ice cream at Ben and Jerry's though.  It was delicious.  After that we hit the indoor pool for a bit. 
Oh, very random.  At 5 o'clock in the morning a loud alarm went off in our room along with a flashing light.  The announcement that was made said for us to evacuate our room promptly and take the stairs.  So we headed out to the curb with 3 sleepy babies.  To only have to turn around 5 minutes later...it was a false alarm.  Geez...so we tried to get 3 kids back to sleep {FUN TIMES} 
When we got home, Blake took Chloe to the pool to spend some time with her.  Carter and I laid down.  He fell asleep until almost 7pm.  He woke up long enough to eat and went right back to sleep.  He was tuckered out...so was I!
Monday, we had a fun visitor at work.
Fun times with the co-workers
Apparently, Big Foot was the one that started it all!  It is a Ford Ranger XLT!  Crazy how massive it is!
Chloe loves nothing more than getting mail.  Everyday after work, I pull up to the mailbox and she always asks "is there anything for me?"  Well, yesterday, she indeed had a package.  A sweet friend sent Chloe this adorable outfit.  What is even funnier...her daughter has the exact same initials as Chloe and is a tad older.  So this is the 2nd sweet outfit she has passed on to us!  It will be adorable for school next year!  Thanks a million Jennie Beth!

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