Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tubes & Such

Monday night Carter got to meet his great-grandparents (GiGi & Papaw).  Chloe absolutely adores much so that she cries for them on a weekly basis!  They live in Florida and don't make it to TN very often so we are so thankful that they are here.  Gigi had to have a 'conference' or 2 with Carter :)  And Chloe has loved getting to visit with them! 
 Wednesday, Carter finally had his tube surgery!  We went in at 630 for a 730 apt.  Literally, they took our sweet boy back, I sat down to take a short survey, & Dr. Brandon was already walking out saying he was in recovery! Quick!  All went well.  It tore Blake & I to pieces going to the recovery area as he was extremely upset (rightfully so...he just had his ear drums cut open).  He was hungry, disoriented from surgery, and in pain.  We took him home right away and he fell fast asleep.  When he woke up, he was back to normal...happy & a bit hungry.  Dr. Brandon said that he had a bad infection behind his left ear drum and fluid behind the right....hoping this means we won't be on antibiotics every other week!  Thanks for all the prayers for our sweet boy!
He was the happiest kid in the triage area! 
Chloe recently had a sleep over with her buddy Addison.  They had a BIG time hanging out & catching fire flies!  Here are a few pictures!
The girls being silly & catching fire flies...Chloe just got done saying she felt 'buggy' 
Sweet friends!

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