Monday, June 20, 2011

An eventful weekend

Where to start?  Friday, Chloe & I headed to Laura's house for a hair cut.  Not for me....but for my sweet girl that had hair almost down to her bottom (probably exaggerating a bit).  It was time.  Laura did me proud.  Chloe walked out of there with a sweet little bob.  She cut 4 1/2 inches off.  I almost shed a tear.
Before the cut 
After!  Lovin' it!
Afterwards, we all headed to the fair.  It was an experience to say the least.  Chloe loved every second of it.  She rode several rides (more than once).  Her friend from school was there too so they got to spend some girl time together!  Blake and I enjoyed watching her.  It is amazing how big she is and how independent she has become.

Chloe & Addalyn
Saturday morning, Casey & I had big plans to take the kids to the water park.  Well, when we woke up the sky was about to open up so we decided to head to Jump Zone in the rain versus our original choice!  It was fun.  Jump Zone on a Saturday is nuts...but Chloe had fun running around for a bit.  Chandler wasn't quite into it just yet, but neither was Chloe at that age.  I bet next time she goes she will be all over the place just like Chloe!  Afterwards, we ate lunch with Brittnye at Chloe's favorite spot--Cracker Barrel!

KK & Chloe going down the slide 
In attempts to keep him happy, I let him bang the spoon.  It was out of pure desperation!

Saturday night, we grilled out at Susan & Steve's house for Lauren's 21st birthday (my best friend's little sister) was a good time (it always is :))!  After we ate, Susan & Steve graciously offered to keep the kiddos so we could celebrate the big day with Lauren!  We had a great time!  Thanks to the Austin's for keeping our sweet babies!

Father's Day started out with us lounging around.  Blake had to work 6 days straight last week so he was beat!  When he woke up, Chloe showed him his treats & we ate a nutritious breakfast of Burger King (yum)!  After nap time, we headed to dinner with my dad (Papa) at Ruby Tuesdays.  It was great getting to spend some time with him!  Carter was a mess.  He is all over the place and into everything.  Eating out with him is going to be interesting from here on out.  He is all boy.  I'm thankful for my sweet girl who sits quietly (most of the time) and colors! 
Take 1
Take 2

Last night, Chloe spent the night with her buddy Addison. They went to Gymnastics Camp today.  I picked her up this afternoon and she was WORN OUT!  I love that she loves to do those kind of things....and I'm also thankful that she has a friend that does it all with her!
Chloe & Addison

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